Life@ PCA

Your time at PCA Educational Group is an investment into your future. We are committed to making the lives of our students at PCA so enriching and exciting that they remember them as the best days of their lives.

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Why You Should Study With Us

There are many other reasons for choosing the faculty, including our commitment to ensuring that all learning and research is supported by the best facilities and technology.

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Education And Student Experience

Our tours include comprehensive education programmes that feature live multimedia seminars, presentations from subject experts, and exciting workshop activities.

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Placements & Recruitments

we invite you to explore our website. Learn the depth of our executive search expertise and take advantage of the resources we offer to our client partners and candidates.

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Future Projects Planning

When you’re young you might think you have all the time in the world, then all of a sudden you have to start making important choices.

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Online Donations

Sarvdeva Temple and AICCEDS Center accept's donations online via a credit card/Debit Card/Net-Banking. Devotee's may use this service for many purposes:

Sarvdeva Temple Temple
  • Pay for puja's done at the temple
  • Puja's done outside (i.e. in your home by the temple priest)
  • Puja that can be done in your absence at the temple (please call temple to give name, goutrum and other info prior to paying)
  • Sponsor any special functions at the temple including Diwali, Navarati, Ganesh Festival etc.
  • Pay for membership
To donate for temple services please press one of the donate buttons below:

To provide spiritual environment to student,faculty and staff, all of our campus having separate Temples. Sarva Deva Temple of Lords and Ridhi-Sidhi Temple of are situated in Chandeswar Azamgarh.